Company policy

Since the beginning of its activities, the firm purpose of ETHIC LOGISTIC is to provide transport and transport agency services, distinguished by its special care in regards to:

  • Compliance with the applicable legal requirements as a company that provides transport services and as a transport agency, compliance with the requirements agreed with its clients, and especially those related to the safety of the distribution chain and the safety of the food that are transported, according to the threats and security risks identified and managed.
  • Communication with the client before, during and after the service, in order to confirm their requirements and expectations, and provide the corresponding transport service in an excellent manner, to end up retaining them, without forgetting the communication of any incident that may arise and alter the commitments made.
  • Communication with the transport services contracted, in order that they comply with our requirements for documentation, security of the distribution chain and food safety.
  • Assurance of the competencies of the personnel in the performance of their functions and, specifically in relation to the safety and innocuousness of the loads and the safety of the entire distribution process.
  • This policy is in accordance with the objectives that are periodically set regarding the level of quality of services, security of the distribution chain and the safety of the transported loads, and is a reflection of our commitment to the continuous improvement of the delivery system.

Based on these principles, we promote a food safety culture plan in our organization.




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